Distance Education classes (DE)- The course materials are ordered and physically delivered to the student's home. Course activities and assessments are found in the online class, however, the daily work completed from the print-based text or workbook must be graded by the parent and then uploaded in the online course so that the teacher can review the progress the student is making as he/she practices the skills from the text. The parent or Learning Coach provides feedback to the teacher based on his/her observations as to student strengths and challenges within the course.

Online classes (OL)- The materials, text, course resources, assignments, and assessments are delivered online. The parent or Learning Coach is responsible for ensuring the student completes the work and offers assistance as needed, much in the same way as helping with homework in a traditional class. Grades and submitted assignments are viewable online so it is clear to see what is in progress or has not yet been submitted.

Hybrid (H)- A hybrid course is a mix of online and face to face instruction. Students are required to complete some work online and some work in person or through video conference at predetermined dates, times and locations as outlined in the course recommendation at the K-8 level and in the course syllabus at the 9-12 level.